15m Amplified HDMI Cable

$ 210.00

CAT.NO: WQ7438

Amplified cable, designed to compensate for any loss.


Very long HDMI runs are often unavoidable. Your best way to success is using an amplified cable, designed to compensate for any loss over the length of the run. This amplified cable retains all the bandwidth you need while still providing an ultra-long cable. Absolute compatibility to HDMI standards, using top-quality oxygen-free-copper (OFC) and braided aluminium shielding, with gold-plated connectors. Suitable for Full HD, 4K, 3D, and UHD signals. 10m also available – WQ-7437.


– Amplified Transmission
– Avoids signal loss

– Quality, durable cable


Bandwidth: 18Gbps 4K @ 60Hz
Frequency Range: 25MHz-600MHz
Supports: 12-bit Deep HDR, Full HD, Full 3D, and 4Kx2K 60Hz


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